Have you ever gotten naked for a stranger so they can spray you with a chilled brown liquid? If not, don’t worry. We understand that getting your first spray tan can be nerve-wracking, but, at Celebrity Skin in Chicago, we’re here to help! The experience is substantially less horrendous than most make it out to be. What’s more, we take care of you from start to finish, so you don’t feel as though we exist only to give you a beautiful faux glow. In the end, we make it so you can schedule an appointment, get your airbrush tan, and get on with your life. Enjoy it, girl! You deserve it.

In this post, we’ll explain what to expect from the best tanning salons in Chicago when you go in for a spray tan. Trust us. You don’t want anything less than what we’re about to share. You’re paying to look fabulous. You should get nothing less.

What To Expect With Spray Tans

Expectation #1 – Don’t wear make-up

You can remove your makeup at the salon; however, the salon specialist should ask if you have any on, and if you would like to remove it. They know how spray tans work, and they’re aware of how your face could be a lighter color after a spray tan if you don’t remove your makeup. Expect to be taken care of, not ushered along.

Expectation #2 – Get comfortable, fast

Yes, you will be getting completely naked before your spray tan. You can wear a bathing suit — one that you don’t mind ruining. However, the best results come from getting completely undressed and using the accessories provided by the salon to cover up as little as possible. The salon specialist should inform you of this if you’re not already aware of it, so you completely understand how everything works.

Expectation #3 – Accessories

You should get a clear explanation of what you’ll need to make it home after your spray tan, problem free. You’ll want a hair net, disposable panties (a thong works, too), disposable pants, and sticky feet. You want to protect your hair, allowing your ears to stick out to the sides, if necessary. Trust us, you don’t want spray tan in your hair. Disposable panties and pants are to protect your clothing from becoming stained. Consider a shirt you don’t mind getting dirty. Finally, sticky feet are to protect your soles from being tanned.

Expectation #4 – How dark do you want to go?

This is a question your salon specialist should ask you before you being your spray tan session. If they don’t, tell them. Nonetheless, you can show them a photo of a celebrity, or reference one, to give them an idea of how dark. You could also share with them why you’re getting an airbrush tan to determine if you need an extra dark airbrush for a 10-day vacation, or a regular spray for a wedding. The important part is to communicate.

Expectation #5 – Brr. It’s cold!

Once you’re in the tanning pod, your salon specialist should prompt you to take a deep breath, close your eyes, and get ready for the first spray, which is on your face. Be ready. It will be cold.

Expectation #6 – Head, shoulders, knees, and toes

Your salon specialist should work from your face to your toes, front to back. This is to avoid lighter patches in creases or lightly sprayed areas compared to heavier sprayed areas. An even application is the goal, alongside how dark you want to get. Your specialist should prompt you through this entire process, not expect you to know what you’re doing.

Expectation #7 – You will smell funny, at first

It’s common to smell like biscuits with a hint of malt. Yes, that’s specific and slightly odd, but it’s the truth. Tanning salons should make you aware that you may smell a little funky after your spray tan, but as the application absorbs into your skin, the smell will fade.

Your Top-Tier Tanning Salon In Chicago

When it comes to premiere airbrush tanning, choose Celebrity Skin. We offer our clients tanning packages alongside individual sessions. We’re always offering great coupons for first-time tanners, and we take care of our loyal customers better than any other salon in Chicago. Remember, you deserve to have your expectations exceeded. Expect nothing less. Call us today to schedule an appointment!