Do you fear that your spray tan will fade quickly after application? Are you worried that if you rub, scratch, expose yourself to the sun, or simply exist your airbrush tan will be ruined? We get it, and you don’t have to worry. However, there are some steps you can take to extend the duration your sunless tan. First, it’s important to understand that spray tans are applied, and the pigment is absorbed into the skin. Having clean, exfoliated skin prior to the application can mean the difference between a great tan and one that fades in a few days.

In this post, we’ll share five ways to extend your single-session spray tan. If you’re ready to visit a tanning salon in Chicago, give Celebrity Skin a call today. We offer tanning packages that you’ll love. Continue reading to learn more!

Five Airbrush Tanning Tips

Step #1 – Exfoliation is key

When it comes to airbrush tanning sessions, it’s important to note that what you do before and after your spray tan does have an affect on the strength of the application. Your skin is constantly regenerating, and when you get a spray tan, you’re adding a layer of pigment to your skin to change the tone to a darker shade. If you want your pigment to last longer, you need to exfoliate at least three days prior to your spray tan to get the best results. This will allow for the application to reach the newest, cleanest layer of skin. Once you have your spray tan, you will want to avoid exfoliation until the tan begins to fade to reduce the chance of lessening your faux glow.

Step #2 – Moisturize your skin

It can be tempting to ignore the health of your skin, even though it’s imperative to the success of your spray tan. On top of exfoliation, you need to moisturize your skin regularly. Before and after your airbrush tanning session, you will want to keep your skin hydrated with a moisturizing lotion. How often should you moisturize? This will depend on the dryness of your skin. Some women can get away with once a day. Others need two to three applications a day. Discover what works best for you and make it happen.

Step #3 – Use a tan extender

We know, this sounds like something a guy would use on the back of his truck. Fortunately, it’s not that. You can find a tan extender in various forms. The most common is a two-step combination that helps even out spray tan tone as it begins to fade. Most tan extenders help even the tan pigment tone and hydrate the skin. This will help extend the duration of your airbrush and hydrate your skin.

Step #4 – Don’t get wet

A common mistake most women make after getting a spray tan is that they don’t wait long enough before showering. The safest bet is to give your sunless tan at least eight hours to absorb into your skin before you rinse off. Remember, you don’t want to exfoliate or scrub your skin once you have gotten an airbrush spray tan. The best way is to lightly rinse your skin and pat it where needed. Avoid hot showers, too. Furthermore, make sure and pat it dry once you’ve finished showering to maintain your beautiful bronze glow.

Step #5 – Maintain with lotions and bronzers

If you notice spray tan spots fading quicker than others, find a good lotion or bronzer that will cover these areas until your next airbrush tanning session. You want to find a lotion or bronzer that your skin likes and can extend the duration of your tan without ruining it. A great way to maintain a flawless sunless tan is to apply a self-tanning product on top of your spray tan.

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