It’s easy for us to say that airbrush tanning is the best way to tan considering we are Illinois’ Top Rated® Local beauty studio. As popular as airbrush tanning has become in the last decade, many skeptics still believe myths about spray tanning since the beauty service was first introduced. The reality is that airbrush tanning, tanning solutions, and the application process has come a long way since it first came out. The certified airbrush artists at Celebrity Skin have mastered the art of applying a radiant, natural-looking tan and we’re here to debunk the common myths of spray tanning once and for all!


If you are one of the skeptics, yet you’re interested in getting a spray tan, then this article is for you! Continue reading to find out if the rumors you’ve heard are true and then contact our Wilmette tanning salon or our location off North Ave. and make an appointment today!


Myth #1: You’re going to look orange


The fear of turning orange is, by far, the most common spray tanning myth. Many first time clients express their hesitation that they’ll have a hint of orange, rather than a light bronze glow several times throughout the application. Fun fact: the spray tan won’t turn you orange, an inexperienced technician could. A reputable tanning studio like Celebrity Skin will train their technicians to select the tanning solution that is appropriate for the client’s skin tone and teach the proper technique to apply an even mist. A spray tan gone wrong is when a technician will become trigger-happy, and overspray your body, or they will mismatch you with a tanning solution that is too dark. If you’re wary of your first spray tan, don’t be afraid to ask questions! The staff at Celebrity Skin are more than happy to help answer any of your spray tanning concerns.


Myth #2: Your palms and fingertips will be a funny color


As long as you avoid rubbing the surface of your skin immediately after the application, your palms and fingertips will remain their natural color. Your skin will be dewey and wet immediately following your appointment and can take up to 24-hours for the tan to completely set in. This stage is considered the development phase and it’s important that you follow our instructions, so you don’t end up with any discoloration. Visit our preparation and maintenance page to learn more about taking care of your skin after a tanning session.


Myth #3: You need to be completely nude


Yes, you will want to show as much skin as possible for your spray tan—or else what’s the point? However, feel free to leave on, or take off, as many articles of clothing you’re comfortable with wearing. Many clients choose to tan topless while leaving their bottoms on. Others prefer to wear a bikini during the application. Client discretion is our priority, and we want you to feel comfortable so your experience will be the best it can be.


Celebrity Skin requires male clients to wear the bottoms during the spray tan application.

Myth #4: Spray tans leave you blotchy, spotty, and an uneven tan.


See myth number one. An expert airbrush artist at Celebrity Skin applies your tan manually with an airbrush gun. The myth of receiving a blotchy tan is often confused with a tan from a spray tan booth which relies on a computer and lasers to calculate your dimensions, rather than a technician.


Every airbrush tan application is customized to the client’s figure so your technician can ensure a natural, flawless tan.


Myth #5: The chemicals in the tanning solution is bad for you.


If you are using inexpensive self-tanners you bought from the drugstore, then yes—those chemicals pose harmful effects that can be bad for you. However, Celebrity Skin and other tanning studios use professional grade tanning solutions that are safe for the client and the skin’s surface. In fact, Celebrity Skin has selected organic airbrush tanning solutions to ensure the highest quality tan, without any potentially harmful chemicals.


Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan is passionate about making the airbrush tanning services a positive experience for our customers while educating people about the benefits of airbrush tanning. Many people are putting their skin health at risk by choosing to tan in a tanning bed because they believe these common myths that are associated with spray tanning. Don’t be one of them, and get an organic airbrush tan at Celebrity Skin, today!