If you’ve never gotten a spray tan and are interested in giving it a try, there are certain things you should know before you go. The better you prepare for your first spray tan or airbrush tan, the better it will look and the longer it will last, so it doesn’t hurt to do a little research before you head to the nearest tanning salon for a full-body tan. At Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan, we use an organic tanning solution that looks perfectly natural and lasts over a week if you prepare before your appointment and follow our aftercare instructions. That being said, here are three things you should know before getting your first spray tan:

Go Bare

In order for your spray tan to properly soak into the skin, you’ll need to take care of everything else beforehand, including exfoliating and shaving in the shower. It’s best to do this at least 12 hours before you visit the tanning studio, as you’ll want to give your pores a chance to close up before the organic sunless tanning spray is applied. Also, refrain from using any skin products on the day of your tan, since lotions, salves, deodorant, and other topical products can prevent the tan from soaking into your skin evenly.

Of course, when we say “go bare,” we’re also referring to clothing. If you’re wondering what to wear to a spray tan, we recommend wearing minimal clothing that is loose-fitting, dark, and/or disposable. Flowy shorts work great because they don’t rub off your tan after it’s been applied, though you’ll need to wear a pair you aren’t super attached to in case they get a little stained. As tanning technicians, we often get asked, “Do you get naked for spray tans?” and the answer is yes, if you’re comfortable with it. Some people feel better wearing a thong or a bikini.

Pick A Shade

The great thing about airbrush tanning is that you get to decide how dark you want the fake tan to be. Most people err on the side of caution and go a little lighter so the result isn’t too drastic, especially if they have a special event coming up, like a wedding, graduation, or birthday celebration, so their spray tan isn’t obvious in the photos. On the other hand, if you’re going on vacation for a week or longer, you might consider going a little darker so that your tan lasts longer during your trip. Whatever the case, our tanning technicians are here to make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for in your first sunless tan.

Patience Is A Virtue

If there’s one more thing you should know before getting your first airbrush spray tan, it’s that patience is a virtue. Once you step out of the spray tan booth, you’ll need to make sure the organic tanning solution is completely dry before you put on any clothing. Do not rub your skin with a towel while it is still wet, as this will result in an uneven tan. Instead, let yourself air dry while your tanning technician touches up any areas with a tanning mitt. They might also use an air hose to help the tanning solution soak in, and they’ll make sure to wipe your nails and the palms of your hands clean so they don’t turn brown. Then, when you’re all dry, you can slip into the dark, loose-fitting clothing you wore to the tanning salon and make your way home!

Take Advantage Of Our Tanning Specials In Wilmette

There are lots of other things you should know before showing up for your first tanning appointment, like how long you have to wait before showering, how to make your tan last longer, and what types of tanning aftercare products are best. Stay tuned for future blog posts, where we’ll provide more spray tan tips and advice, as well as share our favorite spray tan solutions for different skin types.

Contact Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan to learn more, and book an appointment at our tanning salon in Wilmette if you’re ready to get your first spray tan. We are always running great deals on our airbrush tans, so don’t forget to check out our latest spray tan specials online!