When warmer weather graces us with its presence, we welcome it. We can put away our spring wardrobe—for some of us it’s our winter wardrobe—, and we can begin to enjoy the heat of the summer. For most, warmer weather means less clothing and more skin on display. Do you want to be a pale beacon, signaling that you’ve not taken the time to consider how you look, or would you rather have a beautiful tan without the skin damage? Naturally getting a tan is out. Why bake your skin? Sunless tanning is in. Take advantage of Celebrity Skin’s airbrush tanning service to glow with confidence. You can visit us at one of our two locations, or you can call to schedule an appointment today! In this post, we’ll share the 10 tips you need to get the perfect spray tan.

Get The Perfect Spray Tan

Tip #1 – Know how long a spray tan lasts

Depending on the quality of your airbrush spray tan and the application, your sunless tan can last between five and seven days. It’s important to know this so you can plan your events and appearances accordingly. Also, you can schedule future tanning sessions accordingly.

Tip #2 – Shower, wash, and exfoliate prior

The best spray tan applications follow a good body scrub and exfoliation. You want to remove as much flaky or dead skin as possible so the pigment will adhere to your skin. Finally, “fresh” skin allows for a more even application, which gives your skin the balanced glow you want.

Tip #3 – Spray tans don’t simply wash off

Airbrush spray tans are meant to slowly fade as the top layer of your skin slowly regenerates. This means the tan won’t just scrub off. An even application is important, because you don’t want to be stuck with a bad tan for seven days. Take into consideration the tips on this post to get the perfect spray.

Tip #4 – Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Yes, it’s important to hydrate your body on the inside and outside. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your sunless spray tan. It’s also important to apply lotion to your skin to keep it hydrated, too. Hydrating will help the spray tan last a little longer and fade more evenly.

Tip #5 – Airbrush spray tans get darker

If you’re worried the spray tan application was not dark enough, give it a few hours to a day. The tan will get darker as time progresses. This is by design, and you should not be alarmed if you leave your session feeling like you should have gone darker. Give it time.

Tip #6 – Protect your nails

Even if it’s a clear coat, wear nail polish for airbrush tanning session to protect your nails. If you don’t wear polish, the tan can adhere to your nails and make it more difficult to get a manicure later. Nails with polish are easily wiped off after a spray tan.

Tip #7 – Don’t ruin your bathing suit

Most prefer to avoid tan lines, so they get their airbrush while naked. However, if you do wear a bathing suit, make sure it’s an old one you don’t mind ruining. Airbrush tanning can ruin suits—or you could go for no tan lines. Get it girl!

Tip #8 – Apply barrier cream

The drier areas around your body like elbows, knees, and ankles naturally absorb more pigment during an airbrush tanning session. This means that certain areas on your body can look darker or lighter than others. Go ahead and use the barrier cream at the salon or apply your own beforehand to get a more even application.

Tip #9 – Be a bargain shopper

Go ahead and look for deals in your area. When you search for a tanning salon, consider “tanning salons near me.” If you can find a coupon, a three-for-one deal, or more, use them. There’s no shame in saving some money while looking great.

Tip #10 – Wear the goggles

For the love of all that’s powerful in this world, do not forget to put on goggles for your airbrush tanning session. The pigment will absorb into your eyelids and make them slightly darker than your face, since the skin covering your eyes are thinner than the skin cover your face. Goggles keep your eyelids, eyes, and dignity safe.

Bonus Tip – Pat dry after a shower

Once you get your spray tan, make sure you pat dry after showering. Don’t scrub dry. Also, while you’re showering, be gentle with washing your skin. Don’t use loofahs or exfoliates during your wash. The goal is to not exfoliate for as long as possible, so you can keep your spray tan for the full seven days.

The Premiere Tanning Salon In Chicago

As the weather warms in Chicago, you’re probably searching for a way to get a tan without damaging your skin. Natural sun tanning is out! Get a sunless tan at Celebrity Skin. We offer full-body, legs only, upper body, and face tan options. You can also choose from a number of tanning packages, including three, five, and 10 tanning sessions. Visit our location or call us today to schedule your next session!