Here in Chicago, the difference between temperatures from one season to the next can be pretty drastic. Our summers are humid and warm while our winters make up some of the coldest temperatures throughout America. While it can be emotionally taxing to go through these seasons, that’s not the only piece of you that struggles during this transition. Our skin is extremely sensitive to this huge transition, and it shows.

Now that fall is about to begin, it’s important that you know how to care for your skin, and one of the best ways is by getting a facial. In today’s blog post we’ll touch on a few of the ways that your skin will benefit from a facial this fall.

Deep Cleaning

With the humid air of summer, our pores are custom to opening up and letting some additional moisture in. While this extra moisture is extremely nice, our open pores also make it easy for other gunk to get in there and mess with our skin. From sunscreen and makeup to dirt and sweat, it’s important to have your face deep cleaned after those hot summer months. A facial is a great way to provide your pores with the deep cleansing that they’re screaming for.


Dead skin is a major part of the cooler seasons coming about. When the skin dries out, it can lead to flaky skin cells that slowly fall off. Rather than let these skin cells dry out your complexion and dull the overall look of your skin, a little bit of exfoliation can go along way. This process will eliminate any dry skin and leave you with a fresh canvas to start this new month.


We’ve mentioned a few times how brutal this transition can be just based on the lack of humidity and increase of dry air. While exfoliating can provide you with a smoother, healthier face, it doesn’t take care of the fact that your skin still needs moisture to retain this healthy look. During your facial, we will provide you with some additional moisturizer to soak into your skin after it’s been treated.


Summer is loaded with time to relax and slow down, but if you’re not ready to give up your days by the pool, then it’s time to schedule a facial. Facials are a great way to care for your skin, but they also provide you with some extra time to relax and unwind. Don’t let summer fall between your fingers, take some extra time to yourself and de-stress.

Reset Your Skin

Summer is filled with a lazy attitude and feel in the air, and it’s easy to let this feeling carry to other parts of your life. For most of us, summer is a time where we get a little lazy with our skin care regimen as well. From forgetting to take off our makeup to not washing our face before bed, it’s easy to let these tasks slide and for your skin to suffer the consequences. Starting this season off with a clean slate is a great way for you to reset your skin and give it another go this season.

Book an Appointment Today

There are so many reasons that getting a facial in the fall is beneficial for your skin, and you’ll see all of them take effect once you’ve scheduled your appointment and have enjoyed a nice relaxing facial. Truth be told, we suggest getting a facial at least once a month so that you can enjoy all of these benefits on a monthly basis. Moreso, doing this will keep your skin nice and healthy consistently. If you’re interested in seeing how your skin could change by receiving a facial on a regular basis, make sure to contact our team — we’d love to show you.

Celebrity Skin in Chicago knows that skin care is going to be a crucial part of your transition, and we do our best to ensure that you’re taken care of. If you’re interested in providing your skin with everything necessary for it to be healthy, contact our team today and book a service. We also offer air tanning services that can help you maintain your glow just a little bit longer —- which, who doesn’t love that? We hope to hear from you soon!