Luxurious Lashes Are Just a Few Steps Away

Please prepare for your lash appointment by thoroughly cleaning your eyes and your lashes. Use only oil free makeup removers and cleansers. We want to put on as many lashes as we can in the time allotted for your lash service. We cant start without clean, dry, oil free lashes. Removing makeup and oil will cut into your appointment time resulting in fewer lashes. No one wants this! Arriving on time and with clean, dry oil free lashes ensures the most GLAMOROUS lashes possible!

  • Lash Tinting/Perming can be done 48 hours before lash application.
  • Please do not mechanically curl your natural lashes prior to lash application.
  • Shower and wash your hair before your lash application and plan on not showering for at least 24 hours after. The adhesive takes 24-48 hours to cure. Steam and oils from hair conditioner can loosen the bond can loosen the bond of the adhesive on the lash extensions.