Eyelash extensions are currently one of the most popular beauty trends, and we are absolutely in love with them. As with any beauty trend, there are myths that circulate and scare people out of participating in the particular trend. Here at Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan in Chicago, we have helped various individuals achieve their eyelash goals with eyelash extensions. That is why, in today’s blog post, we are going to cover a few of the myths that we’ve heard over the years and set them straight. Let’s get started.

Myth #1: Your Eyelashes Will Fall Out

A common myth that we hear is that eyelash extensions will lead to your eyelashes falling out. If you’re someone willing to invest in eyelash extensions to create a fuller look, this can definitely be something that makes you nervous to go through with the procedure. The good news is, this is definitely not the case. 

Eyelashes will fall out regardless, because that’s simply the way these hairs function. The good news is, eyelash extensions won’t make your eyelashes fall out any more than usual. It may seem as though you’re losing eyelashes because the extensions too will eventually come out, but by no means are you losing anymore eyelashes than you would without eyelash extensions.

Myth #2: Eyelash Extensions Hurt

Beauty is pain. This is a phrase that we’ve come to hear with a variety of procedures and techniques that are designed to elevate your beauty and take you to new levels. While that is true for certain procedures, pain is definitely not something that you need to worry about with eyelash extensions. 

Eyelash extensions do require the technician to get close to your eye with a set of dull tweezers, but even then, there’s absolutely no pain associated with the procedure. Trust us, once your eyelash extension appointment is complete, you’ll be wondering where this myth started. 

Myth #3: Your Natural Lashes Will Be Thinner After Extensions

There are all sorts of myths that surround hair growth, so it only makes sense that there is a myth about the length and fullness of your natural lashes when choosing to invest in eyelash extensions. With that being said, it’s fully understandable that the last thing that you’d want is for your eyelashes to wind up shorter and thinner once you decide to stop paying for eyelash extensions. Luckily, this is just a myth and is far from the case. 

When you do decide to stop getting eyelash extensions, your lashes will look thinner and shorter — but that’s to be expected. The entire purpose of investing in eyelash extensions is that you wind up with thicker, longer, beautiful lashes. When you stop having extensions added to your natural lashes, it’s inevitable that your lashes look a little different. 

While eyelash extensions will provide you with a nearly natural look, they’re going to elevate your natural lashes. So, when you stop, your lashes haven’t stopped growing or thinned out — you’re simply looking at your natural lashes without any of the extensions.

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Now that we’ve debunked three myths that deter people from investing in this procedure, we hope that you feel a little bit better about eyelash extensions and the process of having them added to your natural eyelashes. At the end of the day, the team at Celebrity Skin Couture Air Tan is dedicated to helping you reach your ideal level of beauty. Whether we simply answer a question for you or we get you booked for any one of our services, we are here to serve you. 

Reach out to us today with any additional questions that you have about the eyelash extension process or if you’d like to schedule your eyelash extension appointment. We would be more than happy to help!